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Positive 3K is an education platform in Singapore that specializes in areas of personal development, life mastery and building up critical skills to excel in today ever changing environment. 

A leading platform in Asia, Positive 3K has 28 years of combined experience in both corporate and private sectors with an in-house training facility and hosted countless overseas speakers from all over the world. The eastern & western philosophies are presented by powerhouse speakers comprising experienced business owners and international speakers.

Founded in 2013 by Mr Fams  CEO of Positive 3K, he aims to transform as many people as possible through positive thoughts, speech and actions, thankful culture and positive attitude. 

Since inception, Positive 3K has conducted thousands of courses across Southeast Asia and China.  Our foundation of education fuses eastern and western philosophies, instilling life skills that are applicable to all areas.

" The Future belongs to those who are Positive!"


"All greatest achievements in the world were once considered impossible. IMPOSSIBLE = I Am Possible!"


"100% Positive Believe + 100% Actions = 100% Achieve."


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Be the top positive training movement in 30 countries.

Empower 300 organisations

Enter 3 New Countries

Share the importance of Positivity

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