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Positive 3K is an education platform in Singapore that specializes in areas of personal development, life mastery and building up critical skills used in sales, businesses and practical knowledge to adapt in today's ever-changing milieu. 

A leading platform in Asia, Positive 3K has 28 years of combined experience in both corporate and private sectors with an in-house training facility and hosted countless overseas speakers from all over the world. The eastern & western philosophies are presented by powerhouse speakers comprising experienced business owners and international speakers.

Founded in 2013 by Dato Sri Dr Fams JP DK, CEO of Positive 3K, he aims to transform the people through positive thoughts, positive speech and positive actions.

Since inception, Positive 3K has conducted more than one thousand courses across Southeast Asia, even as far as Nigeria. Our foundation of material fuses eastern and western philosophies, making it very relatable for Singaporeans and ASEAN neighbors to absorb and follow - The future belongs to those who are positive! All greatest achievements in the world were once considered impossible. "100% Positive Believe + 100% Actions = 100% Achieve."

Positive energy, like a strong body, gives you endless energy. Like a mother's embrace, it gives you limitless warmth. Positive energy like a successful partner gives you endless encouragement, positive energy like a rainbow after the rain gives you undying hope. Positive energy like thunderous applause gives you limitless recognition, a champion's trophy gives you immeasurable joy. All of these will be presented to you in Positive 3K.


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Be the top positive training movement in 30 countries.

Empower 300 organisations

Enter 3 New Countries

Share the importance of Positivity

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Dato Sri, Dr, Justice of Peace, Darjah Kerabat

Founder 3K

Positive Life Coach

100% Positive Believe + 100% Positive Actions = 100% Achieve

DS Dr Fams DK JP

"100% Believe + 100% Positive Actions = 100% Achieve"


Singapore Kwangtung Hui Kuan | Honorary President | Director

新加坡广东会馆 - 荣誉会长|董事

Royal Puri Ageng Blahbatuh Bali Indonesia | Royal Ambassador Asia 



GEDF Global Economic Development Forum  | President 

全球经济发展论坛  | 会长 

Federation of Arts Societies Singapore | Honorary President 

新加坡美术总会 |名誉会长 

SinArt Singapore International Arts Festival | Honorary Advisor 

新加坡国际美术节 |荣誉顾问

Lions Club of Singapore Icon3K | Charter President 2019

狮子会 – 新加坡分会 ICON3K | 会长 

Singapore Brands Entrepreneurs Alliance  | Vice-President

新加坡品牌企业家联盟 | 副会长 


Kim San Tze Temple Association | Honorary Chairman

金山寺九皇大帝庙 | 名誉主席 


Jade Emperor Association | Honorary Consultant

玉皇道协会 | 荣誉顾问  


Spirit of Enterprise Award Honoree –Singapore 2019 

Asia Pacific Top 50 Most Influential Entrepreneur Awards(Macau) 2019

Top 100 International Business Style Awards (Vietnam) 2019

World Outstanding Young Leader Award 全球傑出青年領袖奖 (Hong Kong) – 2018

Asia Top Leaders Award (Malaysia) – 2018

International Prestige Brand Award (Malaysia) –2018

Asia Top Business Award (Singapore) – 2016

Excellent Entrepreneur Award – Special Achiever (Malaysia) – 2016

Singapore Philanthropist Award – 2014

Asia Top Outstanding Enterprise - 2014

Brands for Good – 2014

World Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur 世界傑出青年華商奖 (Macau) – 2014

Role Model of the Year – Best Partnership Award (Beijing China) - 2014

Singapore Progress Gold Award – 2013

Singapore Brands Award – 2012/2013

Promising SME500 -2012

Successful Entrepreneur 2012/2013

Top 30 Respected Enterprises 2012

Asia Pacific Brands Award – Singapore Finest 2012

Top 100 Excellence Award 2011/2012

Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2011 


Dai Xin Ai

Master Coach & MK Co-Founder

COSMOMK Co-Founder

COSMOMK Numbers System - Developer


MK Principal Coach 


MK Psychotherapist

MK System Constellation Certified Coach


MK Constellation by objects Consultant 


NLP Certified Consultant


ILions Club Icon 3K - Vice President


Dai Xin Ai is a researcher of Numbers Phenomena. She has been developing the phenomenology of numbers from a multidimensional perspective for more than ten years. She is devoting all her time, energy and resources to the research and development of Numbers phenomena analysis, applications, education and solutions. 

Specializing in the research and development of numbers phenomenology, understanding of every phenomenon in life, comprehensive precise interpretation of the role of numbers in all aspects of our lives.

"If life can be redefined" is a phrase that Ms. Dai often says, she has practiced and uphold this phrase with more than ten years of experience. Over the years, Dai Xin Ai has been committed to the protection and promotion of Numbers Phenomena professionalism, research and standards, and promoted the cultivation of talents and academic inheritance.

After years of perseverance and dedication in research and personal experience, Dai Xin Ai summarized the impact of Numbers phenomena on the nature of life and wrote the book “Numbers Phenomena - Humans", which became the world's first book to show all aspects of the nature of life with two-digit and three-digit combination of numbers around us.

Dai Xin Ai had conducted thousands of seminars and workshops to lead, educate and inspire humans to learn and understand scientifically the truth of numbers in relation to the nature and foundation of human life, and improving life value through the roots.

Ms Dai had formulated CosmoMK consultations, courses and solutions to serve families and enterprises from Singapore, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, etc. Always inspiring them to recognize the importance of Numbers phenomena in their lives and provide total improvements in all areas. 

​Dai Xin Ai has the pure heart for the world and unconditional love to be continuous on the path of helping others.

Everyone who met Ms. Dai are touched by her kindness, Indepth analysis and solutions. 

Cofounding CosmoMK with Fan Li Chen, CosmoMK lifelong mission is to give every life an opportunity to chose, control and improve their life through Numbers Phenomena. 

Through research and industry applications of Numbers Phenomena to create True Value and contribute to entire humankind. 

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